TriAlliance Commercial Real Estate Client Services

Client Representation

Helping you avoid pitfalls and uncover economic opportunities...

Selecting space for your organization, and successfully negotiating a lease or contract you can live with, is a complex, time-consuming task, full of potential pitfalls. The pitfalls only multiply if you undertake the process on your own, without the benefit of an experienced TriAlliance commercial real estate professional serving as your representative.

Services you can expect from your TriAlliance representative:

  • Analyze your space needs
  • Investigate all available properties and determine which are the most appropriate for your needs
  • Create a bidding war among several landlords for your business
  • Protect you during lease or purchase negotiations so that you come away with terms that meet your present and potential future needs
  • Serve as a buffer between you and the landlord or seller
  • Identify lease provisions that could cost or save you money during the lease term
  • Handle the paperwork and other details of the lease negotiation
  • Settle disputes that arise even after the documents are signed
  • Spotlight the savings
  • Ensure you get the most value in any improvement allowances
  • Safeguard you against signing onto any provisions that run against your economic interest
  • Define lease terms to benefit you
  • Win concessions that anticipate your actual needs
  • Introduce you to the TriAlliance network of industry experts and strategic alliances
  • Compare lease vs. purchase alternatives


TriAlliance Exclusive Property Marketing Services

Services you can expect from your TriAlliance property marketing team...

  • Prepare Property Marketing Material
  • Install marketing signage
  • Add to CoStar database
  • Add to Loopnet database
  • Add property pictures
  • Notify local print reporters for media coverage
  • Create electronic marketing brochure
  • Add to listing page
  • Participate in monthly activity update meeting/conference call
  • Create marketing material for email distribution
  • Notify market-specific cooperative brokers
  • Brainstorm sessions for prospects
  • Inspect property
  • Conduct showings with prospects
  • Notify neighbors of new availability
  • Create location map
  • Run demographic report
  • Prepare and update comparative market analysis
  • Review prospect target lists
  • Distribute proposals to prospects
  • Scan floor plans, site plans, renderings, etc. for online distribution
  • Review TriAlliance database for prospects
  • Discuss property with competitive listing brokers
  • Cold call, cold call, cold call
  • Review client's needs and future plans
  • Review marketing activities with client
  • Assist with the preparation and distribution of documents
  • Email marketing campaign and follow-up
  • Interact with property owner's design, management & construction team
  • Expose client and prospects to TriAlliance vendor network and referrals
  • Negotiate and consult on client's behalf


As the name suggests, TriAlliance has proven itself the CRITICAL third point connecting two other parties for mutual success.

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